Monday, February 4, 2008

February Frugal Foodie Challenge!

It's here - the February edition of the Frugal Foodie Challenge!

This month's featured ingredient is ... APPLES! You may also any direct derivative of apples - apple juice, applesauce, and/or apple cider are fine. Apple-flavored items are not part of the challenge - so no AppleJacks please. (Yes, CB, I'm aiming that at you! HA!)

Deadline: Because of the shortened month and my not being in town for almost two weeks this month, I'm going to extend the entry deadline until 5pm on Friday, February 29th. Enjoy the extra time!

Budget: I'm going to stick with $7 again for this month for two reasons - first, I realize that not everyone lives in as cheap an area of the country as me. Second, the logical food to go with apples is going to be meat - and that's not a cheap item.

You can define a complete meal for yourself ... if you'd normally eat it by itself and its enough - you don't have to add anything!

Leave me a comment if you have any questions!!
So ... on that note ... GO!


CB said...

Haha! damn you're too smart for me. This one should be interesting for me... we'll see what I come up with :)

zebe912 said...

This is NOT the food I remember you hinting about recently...:-P

Lorena Sims said...

CB - I know it. :)

Zebe - Sorry about that. No one (apparently) likes sausage. Everyone I bounced my ideas off was unenthusiastic.

Michele said...

I was hoping to participate in January's challenge, but I was so busy and still am....tear. I hope to join in the challenges soon! Miss you all!